3 Warehousing and Manufacturing Safety Tips

The risk of a fire in a manufacturing and warehouse facility is high, with the various equipment and machinery used posing an extreme fire hazard if not properly maintained. This is why warehouses and manufacturers should always take fire safety seriously, to make sure that their facilities are always prepared for a potential fire. In this article, we take a look at 3 warehousing and manufacturing safety tips to help make sure that these facilities have the right safety precautions in place, should a potentially devastating fire break out.

Have An Evacuation Plan For Your Employees

As with any workplace, it’s important to have an evacuation plan laid out – especially in the case of a warehouse or manufacturing facility, where you may need to evacuate dozens of employees. By having an evacuation plan in place, you can make sure that your employees are able to exit safely, avoiding more accidents caused by panic and stress.

Keystone Fire Protection Co. explains why it’s essential to have an evacuation plan put in place for your employees:

“If a fire does occur in a facility, the number one priority is making sure that the employees are able to exit the building quickly and safely. A fire can cause severe stress and fear in individuals, which in turn can result in panicked reactions and avoidable accidents. Warehouses and manufacturers can counteract this result by establishing an appropriate evacuation plan that directs all employees to the nearest exits in a calm and controlled manner. Furthermore, requiring employees to regularly review the evacuation plan or practice evacuating in a fire drill can aid employees in feeling prepared if a fire occurs and provide them the tools to respond appropriately in an emergency.”

Carry Out a Risk Assessment

In an environment that contains plenty of equipment that can easily go up in flames, it’s important to carry out a risk assessment. Taking the necessary steps to prevent a fire is the first and most important step when it comes to fire safety. Knowing which equipment presents the highest risk will help ensure you’re giving these areas the proper attention.

Workplace Safety & Preventative Services (WSPS) tells us why carrying out a risk assessment is important in a warehouse or manufacturing facility:

“What are your fire hazards (ex. hot work, electrical, charging stations, etc.)? Who is at risk and how can you control these risks? Hot work requires a permit and hazard analysis before work can proceed. Because the configuration of your racking systems and aisles change frequently, risk assessments should be ongoing.”

Use Safe Inventory Storage Methods

Warehouses that are full of not only machines, but various stock and inventory pose a serious fire hazard. The more crowded a space is, the more likely an accident is to occur, so it’s important to make sure that you are practicing safe inventory storage methods if you’re not already. 

Marco Fire explains why practicing safe inventory storage methods and establishing safe habits can make all the difference when preventing a fire:

“Although fire protection systems are great at reducing the negative impacts of a fire, they do not necessarily prevent a fire from occurring. In order to prevent a fire from starting in your warehouse this holiday season, start practicing safe inventory storage methods right now. One of the biggest hazards during the holiday season is the increased inventory. This leads to overcrowding and accumulation of waste. However, these habits are some of the riskiest for your warehouse. It’s important to establish safe habits like keeping sprinkler heads clear of products, leaving space between pallets, and regularly eliminating cardboard waste.”

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