Fire Extinguisher Training

Half-Day Safety Course Training Program

Prepare your staff to safely handle fire emergencies with the Fire-Alert Half-Day Safety Course Training Program! A professional, qualified, bilingual Fire-Alert Instructor in your area will provide the fire and emergency training course designed to make an impact.

This half-day course will cover the use and handling of Class A, Class B, and Class C type fire extinguishers, through engaging classroom discussions and hands-on training where your trainees & staff will learn the fundamentals of fire prevention and emergency response in the workplace. This training session is engaging, interactive and is performed in a classroom followed by an outside practical demonstration using the latest technology in propane burn pots, where all participants will extinguish a controlled fire.

Our Fire-Alert Instructor will provide fire extinguisher training; including course handouts, instruction aids and use of controlled equipment including fire extinguishers. Shortly after completion of the course, certificates and cards will be sent to the participants.

Armed with the right type of fire extinguisher a person can often extinguish or contain a fire before it becomes a major blaze, but to effectively fight a fire an individual must be prepared with the right type of extinguisher, have it readily available, and know how to use it properly. Failure to be properly prepared to extinguish a fire not only reduces the chance of containing the blaze, but may also place the individual in an extremely hazardous situation.