Fire Hose Testing

Fire-Alert experts test and inspect hoses to the most current NFPA standards and current Fire Code rules.

When your equipment ages the materials it is constructed from can degrade. Hydrostatic testing and visual inspections are the best way to know if your equipment is up to the job. Your fire hoses require hydrostatic testing when they have been in service for five (5) years, then every three (3) years afterwards. Allow Fire-Alert to inspect your hoses yearly and to perform hydrostatic tests when required, to give you, your employees and building occupants protection and peace of mind.

Fire-Alert will inspect supply beds, pre-connects, hose bundles and rolls. All hoses shall be pre-inspected prior to testing. All couplings will be checked for damage/slipping. Gaskets will be checked for damage or if they are missing. The outer jacket will be checked for damage. If for any reason, one of the above is found, the hose is removed and marked out of service.