Fire Extinguisher Recharge

According to the fire code, extinguishers need to be tested every year and recharged (refilled) every six years. Fire-Alert offers on-site extinguisher inspections and refills for most makes and models. If you are unsure, here are some helpful hints:

  1. Check the pressure gauge, if it’s fallen below the functional level, it’s time to refill.
  2. If your unit does not have a gauge, have it tested by a Fire-Alert Expert immediately.
  3. Have your extinguisher checked annually.
  4. Even if you have not used your extinguisher, it needs to be filled every six years.
  5. If you do use it, refill it as soon as possible after use.

A trained and certified expert from Fire-Alert will reliably perform maintenance and recharge your fire extinguishers on-site.