Welcome Mitch of Fire-Alert Saskatoon!

Fire-Alert would like to welcome Mitch Jacobs to the team, who is taking over the Saskatoon franchise. We are confident that his experience in the field and his entrepreneurial skills will make him a successful partner. We are happy to have Mitch onboard and look forward to what the future holds.

The Fire-Alert team would like to congratulate Dawson Braitenbach on the sale of his franchise. Dawson’s hard work and dedication paid off as he was able to grow his franchise and obtained clients such as the City of Saskatoon. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors, he will be missed!

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To our Fire-Alert Community,

After a lot of thought and careful consideration, there is no higher priority than the well-being of our franchisees, our employees, our customers, and society at large. In these rapidly evolving times, we would like to provide you with an update as we actively work to help curb the coronavirus (COVID-19) and support our community in staying strong, healthy and informed.

To contribute to the global efforts, Fire-Alert is

  • Suspending all routine inspections that are non-urgent until further notice. We are also strongly advising our franchisees and partners to do the same during this time.
  • Closing our offices to the general public until further notice.
  • Postponing and reorganizing client and customer meetings to be done via telephone.
  • Limiting access to our offices for any employees returning from travel outside the country or who is experiencing one of the symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days or until their symptoms have cleared.

In the upcoming weeks, it is possible that some of our services may experience some delays. We apologize in advance and we appreciate your understanding during this period of uncertainty. Stay safe & be kind.

With Regards,

Vanessa Houle

Fire-Alert is excited to welcome Jack Dai to our team! Jack will be occupying the Old Toronto territory, servicing the heart of downtown Toronto. We are happy to have Jack as a partner and are looking forward to the future! All of our best.

Fire-Alert would like to welcome our newest franchisee in Mississauga, Sami Aziz. We are happy to have you onboard and are excited for what the future holds! Wishing you all of our best.

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According to NFPA 10, fire extinguishers in commercial and industrial spaces must be inspected on a monthly basis. This inspection can be done internally by a designated staff member or by a certified fire extinguisher company, like Fire-Alert. On an annual basis, fire extinguishers must be inspected by a certified company.

ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers must be tested every 6 years. A recharge is performed at the 6 year mark followed by a hydrostatic test at the 12 year mark. Co2, Class K (kitchen) and water fire extinguishers must be hydrostatically tested every 5 years. Fire hoses are hydrostatically tested 5 years from the manufacture date and every 3 years thereafter.

Fire extinguishers are to be mounted at hip height 3-5 feet from the floor. The distance between fire extinguishers varies depending on the size and type of building , the work being performed and/or the products stored within. This recommendation can be made during a site visit.

We recommend having adequate signage in order to easily locate the whereabouts of fire extinguishers in case of fire. We also recommend exterior fire extinguishers that are subject to adverse weather conditions be stored in fire extinguisher cabinets or have a cover to prevent rust and damage.

In regards to residential fire extinguishers, we recommend having one on every level of your home. At a minimum, you should have a 2.5lb ABC fire extinguisher in your kitchen under your sink, one in your garage and one beside your barbecue while you are grilling. Practicing an evacuation plan with your family in case of fire is also highly recommended. You can never be too prepared in case of emergency.

If you wish to learn more about fire extinguisher inspections, testing, and training please contact us today at 1.877.347.3801 as we’d be happy to help!

It is with great excitement that Fire-Alert welcomes our newest franchisee, Mark Baker & his wife Deirdra who will occupy the Halton Hills & Milton territory. Should you or anyone you may know require fire protection services in the area, please do not hesitate to reach out as they are more than happy to assist! Wishing them all of our best.