Emerging Fire Protection Technologies

Emerging technologies in the fire protection industry allow for more innovative and efficient ways to prevent and extinguish fires. This translates to saving more lives and avoiding property damages. 

While the fundamentals of fire protection have not changed, here are some of the more recent advancements and how they are transforming the fire protection industry.

Exit Marking Audible Notification

Notification appliances in fire alarm systems are not new. They come in the form of horns, strobe lights, or bells.

These audible devices do a good job of alerting people to exit a building during fire outbreaks. However, telling you to exit the building is not as efficient as telling you where to go. 

The evacuation process during fire emergencies is often hampered by limited visibility caused by black smoke. This can make it difficult to locate the nearest exits. In other words, exit signs and notification appliances may not offer the best solutions in all fire emergencies.

Exit marking audible notification offers “directional sound” to help people safely exit a building during emergencies. Devices with this technology produce a special sound that is easy for the human ear to pick up. This will allow them to quickly figure out the direction where the sound is coming from, and follow it to safely evacuate the building.

Advanced Smoke Detection

Smoke detectors can easily become nuisances, with false alarms occuring for various reasons. This has made some homeowners not take them seriously or remove them to prevent too many false alarms. 

Thankfully, that trend is giving way to more advanced solutions in the fire protection industry by way of advanced smoke detectors.

The standard in more recent times requires all smoke detectors and alarms to have increased sensitivity. This feature allows smoke detectors to tell the difference between smoke coming from nuisance fires (such as cooking sources) and smoke from true fires.

Contact Fire-Alert today to help you install advanced smoke detectors that will eliminate or significantly cut down incidences of false alarms in your home or commercial property.

Video Smoke Detection

Conventional smoke detectors may not be very effective in some environments such as warehouses, stadiums, paper mills, and other buildings with large areas where smoke can quickly become diluted. 

Also, traditional smoke detectors are a poor choice for buildings with thermal barriers or very high ceilings. 

With video smoke detection – the innovative method of using CCTV cameras and digital video recorders to detect smoke from a fire – it is a lot easier to address and prevent fires in open areas. 

Water Mist Fire Suppression System

Sustainability issues gave birth to the innovative water mist fire suppression system, where significantly less water is used to fight fire compared to traditional sprinkler systems.

In this system, specialized sprinkler and spray heads combined with water stored under extreme pressure make it more effective to cover larger surface areas with evenly dispersed water in very small amounts.

Fire Safety Services from Fire-Alert

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