What to Do When There Is a Fire in the Workplace

Are you worried about a possible fire hazard in your workplace? Fires can put lives and property at risk, but being prepared and knowing what to do in an emergency is just as important. With the right tools, knowledge, and preparation strategies, you can help keep everyone safe from a fire in the workplace before it has a chance to spread. 

So if you’re looking for reliable information on preparing yourself and co-workers for any potential fire hazards in the workplace, then keep reading!


If a Fire Starts, Immediately Evacuate the Building

When there is a fire, it is important to act quickly and evacuate the building as soon as possible. It is the only way to ensure everyone’s safety and minimize potential damage to buildings and property associated with a fire. 

Make sure you call emergency services immediately after evacuation and that everyone follows any instructions the fire brigade gives when they arrive at the scene. These will depend on the individual situation and could involve further evacuation or sheltering in place.


Do Not Try to Put Out the Yourself – Leave that to the Professionals

Attempting to put out a large fire yourself may lead to disastrous consequences. Fire is an unpredictable element and requires the expertise of certified professionals well-trained in combating fast-moving combustions. 

Not only could trying to put out a fire harm you severely, but it can also end up being counterproductive as the fire can further spread if not handled properly. It’s best to evacuate first and leave things up to experts who know how to safely and effectively extinguish a fire.


If You Are Near a Fire Extinguisher, Use It

When fires happen, it is important to act quickly and correctly. If you see a small fire, the quickest and most effective way of putting it out is by using a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are sprinklers that shoot out different chemical compounds, depending on the fire class. Before using a fire extinguisher though, you should read the instructions carefully and ensure they apply to the type of fire.

An extinguisher can efficiently put out a small but potentially destructive blaze before it becomes a larger risk. Therefore, if you find yourself near an extinguisher in an emergency, be sure to utilize it and help ensure the safety of those involved!


Keep All Exits Clear, So People can Escape Quickly and Safely

For everyone’s safety in a building, it is important to clear all exits. Unobstructed exits create the fastest escape routes with the least stumbling and obstacles. Additionally, keeping exits clear allows emergency personnel to access the building safely if they need to assist. 

By taking simple steps such as not placing furniture or items in front of doors, you can help ensure that everyone can evacuate quickly and safely if necessary.


Follow the Instructions of Emergency Personnel

It is vital to take direction from certified professionals with specific training to handle such situations. It could be first responders (firefighters, police officers, and paramedics) or other public safety personnel. 

Their expertise in navigating difficult or dangerous circumstances can make all the difference between life and death. So it is important to cooperate with and follow their commands and remain respectful of their service.  



Fire safety in the workplace is essential to protect yourself and your co-workers. Therefore, knowing what to do when there is a fire in the workplace is important. By having proper emergency plans and resources in place, such as fire extinguishers or alarms, you can help ensure that the situation is contained and everyone is safe.

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