Fire Safety Tips During COVID-19

With the vast majority of us in self isolation, it’s safe to say that we have never spent quite this much time at home – unfortunately making the potential for fire related accidents that much higher. We’re going to take a look at fire safety tips you should not only remember during this time of self isolation, but that you should make sure you’re implementing moving forward.

While some of us have been ordering takeout more than ever before, there are others that have been brushing up on their cooking skills. While this in itself is great, it clearly leaves room for an increased amount of fire related incidents. reminds us of the importance of taking care when cooking:

“With COVID-19 restrictions in place, more people are preparing and cooking meals at home. Keep some simple safety tips in mind, such as not wearing loose, flowing clothing while cooking. “With loose clothing, you turn around quickly or get too close, and the fire ignites the clothes. You then have a major injury for no reason whatsoever,” says Dr. Jeschke. Make sure your smoke alarms are working, stay in the kitchen at all times when you’re cooking, move anything that can catch fire away from your stovetop, and keep kids away from areas where hot foods or liquids are being prepared, like stoves and microwaves.”

It’s safe to say that all of us have increased our laptop use, whether we’re working from home or not. And with so much increased screen time, we may easily be overlooking fire safety precautions that come along with using a laptop. points out the importance of laptop safety when using a computer, especially for a prolonged period of time:

While it is our every hope that we’re all practising responsible fire safety precautions, accidents can happen. And in the case of those who live in an apartment building, evacuation can present a whole new issue – the potential to violate social distancing guidelines. reports on what North Bay Fire Chief Jason Whiteley has to say on whether social distancing should still apply in this circumstance:

“For residents in apartment buildings that experience a fire alarm; we are reminding residents that evacuate to practise social distancing for the safety of your neighbours and responding emergency personnel. Please do not congregate in the lobby area and exit the building completely.”

Now that you’ve had a chance to think twice about fire safety during COVID-19, it’s important to make sure that your equipment is properly maintained and ready to go in case of an emergency. Check out how we can help with fire extinguisher inspections, recharges, and many other mobile services to keep you and your family safe.