How to Reduce False Fire Alarms

Having a fire alarm system set up in your home or business is a diligent step towards ensuring fire safety. However, when it goes off unnecessarily, it takes the firefighters’ attention and time from real fires that could be happening at that particular time. It could also cost you hefty fines from the fire department. Therefore, it is important to take measures to reduce instances of false fire alarms. 

Below are 5 ways you can reduce instances of false fire alarms.

1. Install a Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm

Multi-sensor fire alarms are more effective at preventing false fire alarms than single-sensor fire alarm systems. They are designed as a combination of sensors for smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. For the alarm to go off, it has to detect more than one of these elements. Such systems are not accidentally set off by steam produced when cooking, dust, or aerosol sprays.

2. Ensure That the Sensor is Installed Properly

Fire alarms need to be installed strategically by a qualified electrician. The installation process is more complex when installing them in a big home or a commercial building, as an interconnecting alarm system is required. Failure to install the alarm system poses a risk of it not detecting fire signals at all or going off unnecessarily. 

3. Maintain Your Fire Alarm System 

You need to stay on top of the fire alarm system maintenance. The maintenance procedures should be done on time and as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Have a fire alarm professional or service company undertake the maintenance.

Generally, fire alarm system maintenance involves testing and calibrating the sensors, simulating inputs, testing annunciators, setting the alarm’s sensitivity, checking the alarm battery, and coordinating with the alarm monitoring company or the fire department.

4. Anticipate and Plan for Activities that May Set Off the Fire Alarm

If you are doing renovation work or construction work, the dust from sanding or smoke from welding may set off the fire alarm. Therefore, contact your fire alarm company before beginning the construction work and request them to put off your alarm system. Or, simply notify them to handle any instance of a false alarm with the fire department.

5. Stay Close When Cooking

Kitchens are the most common causes of false fire alarms, with a scenario of burnt food being the most common culprit. Therefore, stay close when cooking to ensure that the food does not get burnt. 

Carefully Investigate a Previous False Fire Alarm and Resolve It

If you have an incidence of a false fire alarm, carefully work with your alarm company or a fire alarm professional to find out its cause. Then, take measures to resolve the issue so that it does not happen again. Common causes of a false fire alarm include vandalism, pest interference, pollutants, faulty system, and human error.


Fire alarm systems play a crucial role in catching fires early. However, they need to be well-installed and properly maintained to work effectively.

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