How to Replace an Emergency Exit Light Bulb

Business owners and building managers must make sure that emergency exit light bulbs in their facility are fully functional at all times. In addition to ensuring the safety of building occupants, you will be avoiding costly fines by complying with the necessary safety codes. 

Follow this guide to quickly get back in compliance if your exit lights burn out or stop working as they should.

Find Out Why the Light Isn’t Working

Before you go ahead to replace an exit light bulb that is no longer working, it is essential to first determine the cause of the problem. In some cases, the problem isn’t the light bulb itself, so replacing it won’t make things any better.

One of the following components may be the cause of the problem:

1. The Main Bulbs

The first component to check is the main light bulb. Typically, these bulbs remain illuminated day in and day out throughout the year. Even during power cuts, the light bulbs are powered by batteries. 

It is important to maintain continuous illumination but this also means that the main bulbs will eventually burn out. So, if your emergency exit light bulb isn’t lighting, it is probably because the bulbs are burned out.

2. Low-Voltage Bulb

The low-voltage bulb is a secondary bulb powered by batteries and only functions during power cuts. 

If your emergency exit sign fails to glow during a power outage, it is likely due to a fault with the low-voltage bulb. So, you should go shopping for a low-voltage bulb instead of the main bulb.

3. The Reserve Battery

Lastly, the reserve battery might need to be replaced if you are sure there is nothing wrong with the bulb but the exit sign is not lighting up.

Here’s one way to know a defective battery. It can still power the low-voltage bulb for a few seconds when power from the main supply goes off. In this case, the batteries may need replacement.  

Replacing an Emergency Exit Light Bulb

If you’ve determined that the bulb (main or low-voltage) is the problem, you need to buy a new one that suits your lamp. Next, follow these simple steps to replace the emergency exit light bulb:

Step 1: Safety comes first, so make sure to wear gloves when you handle the light bulbs.

Step 2: Make sure to disconnect the power source before replacing any parts. 

Step 3: Grab a screwdriver and pry open the cover of the emergency exit light. Use a screwdriver that can fit into the small gap on the sides of the lamp. 

Step 4: Screw in the bulb or slide it in until you hear a clicking sound, depending on the specific design. 

Step 5: Replace the lamp cover.

While this can be an easy DIY procedure, you may need to contact a specialist if you have difficulty finding or removing a defective component, replacing the light bulb, or finding a compatible light bulb for your emergency exit light. 

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