Preventing CNC Machine Fires

Many manufacturing and industrial facilities depend on CNC machines for their day-to-day operations. These machines are consistent, reliable, and faster when it comes to providing first-rate quality control in the manufacturing process.

But CNC machines are known to be a leading cause of fire in many industrial and manufacturing facilities. 

Luckily, there are several ways to prevent CNC machine fires. Here are four tips that can significantly minimize fire hazards in your facility. 

Provide Proper Housing for Your CNC Machine

The standard procedure is to house CNC machines in controlled environments. This includes installing them in areas with adequate ventilation and where humidity and temperature can be properly monitored and controlled.

Proper housing will prevent a buildup of fumes around and in the CNC machine. The fumes are highly flammable and may cause damages or start a fire because oil-based coolants have low heat dissipative properties.

With proper housing and adequate ventilation, the safety of operators and the CNC machine is ensured.

Run CNC Machines Within Recommended Operation Speeds

Manufacturers typically recommend temperatures and specific operation speeds for running CNC machines. Having operators stick to these suggestions is a good way to prevent CNC machine fires. 

In addition to manufacturer suggestions, it is a good practice to follow facility safety regulations, especially when lubricants and other oil-based fluids that are highly flammable can start a fire.

Put In Place a Supplementary Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System

Your CNC machine requires an additional fire protection system, regardless of whether your facility already has whole-building fire detection and suppression system installed. This is because the risk of igniting a fire is considerably high with these machines – no thanks to highly flammable oil-based fluids.   

Implementing a supplementary system for your CNC machine can lead to quick detection and suppression of fire, even before the fire becomes apparent to human operators. 

Considering that a typical CNC machine is a rather huge investment, putting additional fire protection in place to safeguard the machine, your workers, and the entire facility is more than worth the effort.

Routine Cleaning and Servicing

It is easy to get carried away by the efficiency of heavy machinery and pay less attention to regular maintenance. 

While these machines are critical to the effectiveness of your facility, do not forget that they carry potential fire hazards too. 

For this reason, it is crucial to establish a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. This will prevent a buildup of lubricating fluids and significantly reduce the risk of starting a fire.

Regular inspection by a professional fire safety expert like Fire-Alert can go a long way to detect even the slightest adjustments in CNC machines that can increase the likelihood of malfunctions and fire hazards.

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