How Often Should You Review Your Fire Safety Plan?

Every home or business should have a fire safety plan in place. It is important to ensure that everyone living and working in the building is aware of it so that they can act quickly in an emergency. But ensuring your fire safety plan stays up-to-date is also key – after all, regulations change over time, and you may need to make regular updates. So, how often should you review your fire safety plan? Let’s find out!

How Often Should You Review Your Fire Safety Plan?

Fire safety planning is critical for the safety of your home and business. How often you should review it depends on various factors, such as the size of your building and the frequency of changes to fire prevention systems. Still, it is typically recommended that you go through your plan at least once per year to keep up with any necessary updates. 

Depending on where you live, your local fire department may also offer free services like planning reviews and fire drills – be sure to take advantage of these resources as they can help ensure that everyone involved knows exactly how to respond in an emergency.

Things to Look For When Reviewing Your Fire Safety Plan

When reviewing your fire safety plan, it is important to ensure all the steps are clear, properly explained, and updated if necessary. It’s also important to ensure you have the correct contact information for fire departments and emergency services in the area. Documented evacuation plans and a visible meeting place should also be part of any thorough review process. 

You should also be sure to regularly check smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers to confirm they’re in proper working order, and that batteries are changed when needed. Finally, you should conduct practice drills periodically to evaluate employees’ response time to a potential fire hazard. 

Keeping these key components in mind when reviewing your fire safety plan can help ensure the safety of everyone in your building.

How to Track Changes

Keeping track of changes to your fire safety plan can be an important part of a successful safety strategy. It’s essential to ensure that everyone in the business knows and understands the plan and any updates or revisions. An electronic tracking system is the most efficient way to monitor changes, with notification emails detailing the change and when made.

Other tracking methods may include printing log sheets for recording details, using a document management system to store copies of plans, or training personnel on how to recognize changes.

Remember that regularly revisiting and updating your fire safety protocols (e.g., conducting drills) will help keep everyone informed of any modifications so that they’re always ready for anything.


So, how often should you review your fire safety plan? Well, reviewing your fire safety plan at least once a year helps to ensure that everyone in the building is prepared for a fire. If you have yet to do it this year, then there’s no time like the present!

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