What Is a Mobile Fire Inspection Service?

For a workplace, it can be hard to get things done for your small business outside of work. Meetings with consultants and various other meetings are sometimes too much of a hassle.

If you need to get a fire inspection, that often involves getting in touch with professionals and booking a meeting. However, with a mobile fire inspection service, fire inspection professionals can come to you.

Prepare Your Workplace (or Home)

If you are planning on calling in a fire inspection service, once you’ve set the appointment, make sure your workplace is ready for the inspection. This means performing your own check to make sure that fire extinguishers, alarms, emergency doors, etc. are all in place.

Keith Frangiamore at Buildings.com also points out that you should have an initial chat with the inspection company before they arrive:

“Meet with the inspector prior to beginning the actual inspection and ask what types of items the inspector will be looking for. Give the fire inspector copies of all of your system or equipment inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) reports. Review these reports with the inspector prior to his/her walkthrough, and let the inspector know that any issues noted previously have been corrected.”

Mobile inspections are also available for residential homes or apartment buildings as well. As the building owner, it’s important to check and make sure all of the safety equipment and alarms are in place before the inspection services come. This will save a lot of time during and after the inspection. Get as much as you can in place so that the inspector can let you know what safety precautions your building or workplace needs to improve on.

The city of Oakville explains why you need a fire inspection service and when:

“Inspections and plans reviews enforce the life safety standards of the Ontario Building Code and Ontario Fire Code. All fire and life safety requirements must be met.

Fire inspections/reviews are required for:

  • Renovations or new construction building approvals

  • Private Home Daycare

  • Complaints of violations and/or a request for a public inquiry into violations

  • Discovery of violations or hazardous occupancies.”

Testing Fire Extinguishers

It is important that fire extinguishers are tested at least once a year in the home and monthly in an industrial or commercial space. During a mobile fire inspection service in the workplace, the inspector will test your fire extinguisher.

We list the recommendations for a fire extinguisher inspection here:

“According to NFPA 10, fire extinguishers in commercial and industrial spaces must be inspected on a monthly basis. This inspection can be done internally by a designated staff member or by a certified fire extinguisher company, like Fire-Alert. On an annual basis, fire extinguishers must be inspected by a certified company.

ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers must be tested every 6 years. A recharge is performed at the 6 year mark followed by a hydrostatic test at the 12 year mark. Co2, Class K (kitchen) and water fire extinguishers must be hydrostatically tested every 5 years. Fire hoses are hydrostatically tested 5 years from the manufacture date and every 3 years thereafter.”


If you’re interested in learning more, we offer industrial and commercial services for fire inspections at the workplace, or you can contact us using our contact form.