Why It’s Important to Inspect & Recharge Your Fire Extinguisher

No matter where you are, whether in your home or workplace, there should be safety precautions in place. Part of that is having the right safety training, and another part of safety is the fire protection equipment. 

The most notable fire protection and safety equipment that every working building has is a fire extinguisher. If you have one in your home or office, you may have never even used it before.

However, did you know fire extinguishers only last a few years if left unused? What’s more, fire extinguishers need to be recharged regularly as well. 

Monthly Maintenance Is What Keeps A Fire Extinguisher Working

To keep your fire extinguisher in working condition, monthly maintenance is key. It’s actually not too difficult to do this and can be learned easily. It’s likely you may have gone through this in workplace fire safety training before. 

To maintain a fire extinguisher, consult the fire prevention workbook or fire extinguisher manual that’s available to you. It will involve checking that the extinguisher is up-to-date and has been inspected, and that the nozzle and handle are free of any debris. 


Quick Response Fire Supply points out the rules in place for fire extinguishers to be in working condition: 

First and foremost, a fire extinguisher needs to be recharged if it has been used. Whether it was employed to suppress a fire, used in act of vandalism, or accidentally discharged, the extinguishing agent needs to be replaced. And again, NFPA 10 requires a fire extinguisher recharge after any use or if an inspection turns up an issue.”


In the Event of a Fire, Your Tools Need to Work

It’s common sense, but if there’s ever a fire, the tools that you have available to you need to work. Not only your fire extinguisher, but the smoke alarms, emergency lighting and exits, phones or cellphones, all need to be able to work to allow accessible safety and prevention of any bigger disaster happening. 

Checking to see if your fire extinguisher works and is recharged is a simple task that can be done on schedule. If you ever find yourself in a situation where there’s a fire, you’ll have a vital tool that can help save lives. 


Here’s what the City of Toronto highlights are key factors to getting your fire extinguisher up to top grade: 

“Fire extinguishers are not designed for use on large or spreading fires. Even on small fires, they are effective only under the following conditions:

  • The extinguisher must be rated for the type of fire being extinguished.

  • The extinguisher must be large enough for the fire at hand.

  • The extinguisher must be in good working order, fully charged and within easy reach.

  • The operator must be trained in the proper use of the extinguisher.

  • The operator must be physically capable of lifting, handling and operating the extinguisher.”


Need Help? Contact Us

While inspections can be performed by yourself or someone in your building, fire recharges need to be done by trained professionals. That’s why we offer fire extinguisher recharge services and can perform them on-site. 

Fire extinguishers consist of a lot of air pressure and are dangerous to try to fix or recharge yourself. A fire inspection company has the right training and tools available to us to take care of this equipment without damaging it. 


US fire prevention company State Systems Inc says that fire extinguishers need to be recharged even if it’s just sitting in your home or office, or you use it for a few seconds:

Even if you discharge an extinguisher accidentally for a mere second or two, this decreases the internal pressure enough that you should have it recharged. Topping off the cylinder ensures you have its full extinguishing power if you ever need to use it.”


For more, check out our fire extinguisher recharge services or contact us using our contact form.