Why You Need to Test and Inspect Your Fire Alarm System

When it comes to the possibility of a fire devastating your property, you don’t want to mess around. Installing a fire alarm system is undoubtedly an effective way of helping to protect both your things and people from a fire, but if it’s not being inspected on a regular basis, then you can’t truly be sure that it’s going to be able to do its job.

Though you may not really think about it, testing and inspecting your fire alarm system can actually be beneficial in a number of ways. Here are just a few.


It’s Required by Law

While the specific laws and regulations can vary depending on the location of your building, nearly every area will have certain requirements when it comes to fire alarm testing and inspections. Check with your local fire department or fire safety company to see what’s necessary for your situation.


It Fulfills Insurance Obligations

If a business can’t show evidence that they’ve been testing their fire alarm systems regularly, then most property insurance providers won’t cover any fire-related damage. Even if you think the odds of a fire starting at your business are extremely low, you’re probably going to feel better knowing that money will be there to help you rebuild your business if necessary.  


It Can Help You Save Money

Often, property insurance providers provide discounts to those who can show that they’ve been regularly inspecting their fire alarm systems. If that’s true in your case, then make sure you hold onto any paperwork documenting the inspections.


It Minimizes Legal Costs

A properly functioning fire alarm system can also technically save you money in legal costs if there is an emergency situation. For example, if your company’s system wasn’t working and a fire broke out, you may be liable if anyone suffers from any injuries or is otherwise unable to exit the building safely.


It Helps Save Lives

No one may want to think about the worst that can happen during a fire, but the loss of lives is a very real possibility. Regular testing and inspection of your fire alarm system can help ensure there are no preventable fire-related deaths on your watch, so you and your employees and can feel safe and secure in the workplace.